Sorry Another Bulletin... Out of The Darkness Community Walks

ViNiceia Carter January 25 at 3:53am Hello all. I have found a website that holds community walks to raise awareness for suicide prevention. I am interested in participating in one of the walks, however the closest one is in Pennsylvania! If anyone is actual…Read More

Love Yourself: You're No Superman (and that's okay)

Last night someone said something to me along these lines, and hearing it from someone else made me realize that I always try to be "Superman" so to speak, but never allow anyone to help me. So I'm sending this out as a reminder that it's okay to be weak, and…Read More

Some Words of Love

Hello all, again.... As you continue on your day today, just remeber this: You are: You are who you are... You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are loved. You are never alone. You are different. You are forgiven. You are someone. You are smart. You are…Read More

Lets Come Together: Spread The Word and Share the Story

For all who have joined. Thank you so much, all I can ask is that you continue to spread the word... I really have this crazy vision of having this group grow beyond simply a facebook group and a causes group, but this is a wonderful first start, and I'm glad…Read More
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