Ask your Senator to support the Senate budget as written. Please do it today!

Dear Friends, The Senate announced their budget last night. It is much more friendly to the Heritage Center and the Washington State Library than the House budget (note: an amendment that passed in House Ways and Means removed the State Library and Legacy…Read More

Devastating cuts to Washington State Library proposed - WSL needs your help NOW

House Ways & Means Chairman Ross Hunter yesterday released the House Operating Budget. This budget did three things: 1. The State Library remains under the Secretary of State, but is cut 22%. 2. The Legacy Oral History Project remains under the…Read More

HB 2033 Places State Library in Department of Heritage, Arts and Culture

Note: HB 2033 will be heard before the State Government and Tribal Affairs committee, Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 8 a.m. John O'Brien building House Hearing Room E. Please attend and sign in as opposed to the bill. Also, tell your representatives that the…Read More

SB 5768 Places State Library and other Secretary of State Programs in Deptartment of Culture

SB 5768 places Washington State Library, Washington State Archives, Legacy Project, and Heritage Center fund in a Department of Heritage, Arts and Culture. Secretary of State's Office opposes the…Read More

Washington State Library: Move to Suspend Presidential Primary May Shield From Cuts

Secretary of State/Governor are asking legislature to suspend 2012 Presidential Primary. This $10M saving could shield the office of the Secretary of State including the Washington State Library from further cuts for the next biennium (2011 - 2013) that…Read More

WA State Library Budget Cuts - Effective Now

Our portion of the Governor’s budget cuts, effective October 1, 2010, is $364,214. This is based on the portion of general fund-state (state funds) that we receive as a division (about 45% by my calculations). We will need to make decisions soon as to how we…Read More

WSL Uses Technology to Serve Customers - Pass it on

Office of the Secretary of State released information on the ways in which the Washington State Library uses technology to serve its customers. The link below is the first posting of that information. If you like the story, please repost it to your facebook…Read More
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