To equip US military veterans, active duty personnel and their families with easy to do stress management and inner growth tools.

The "At Ease" Warrior's Meditation Program is a hands on modular training designed to train personnel (civilian and military) in basic, easy to do, meditation, deep relaxation, and breathing exercises.

For soldiers, our workshops are a neutral way to allow for discussion of battle stress, emotional trauma, and fear. It also allows them to examine the ways in which their hearts and minds are shaped for the better by their experience of deployment.

The meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises are excellent ways for people to unload built up stress, work through emotional/mental trauma, and connect to inner strength reserves in times of challenge. The mind is perhaps the most important tool for a soldier or marine. Meditation could be thought of as "cleaning your weapon" before and after every use. For religious or spiritual personnel, it can also be a personal and private way to connect with a "higher power". Troops like meditation because it is a do-it-yourself solution. The techniques taught in our workshops are applicable for all stages of deployment.

Harshada Wagner, (in consultation with Ret. USMC Major Dave Anderson) has developed the "At Ease" workshop out of a 3 year project offering one-on-one meditation training to veterans of OIF and OEF as well as group workshops for vets.

The hearts of countless warriors and their families are at stake. Please help this project gain some momentum by letting us know your interest. If you would like us to come do a workshop let us know or forward this cause to friends and family who may be able to benefit from this program.

We are in the beginning stages of developing the administrative side of the program and need your donations & support for it to take off and really make a difference. Contact us today, don't hesitate!

email: [email protected]

1. www.banyaneducation.com/meditation

2. On-base meditation and stress management trainings for pre and post deployment troops and Department Of Defense care providers.

3. Off base workshops, retreats and private lessons for veterans and families of OIF and OEF.