Thanks for joining.

Thanks for joining my Gulf War Illness Cause. Please assist me in spreading the word. Our Government does not want you or anyone else to know we are sick from fighting a war. Our political leaders have decided that those who have served are expendable and not…Read More

Still in a fight with the VA on Gulf War Illness

It still is an insult on the Gulf War Veterans that the VA continues to play dumb on our illness. To this day I cannot get anyone at the Chillicothe VA Medical Center to say the words "Gulf War Illness. Everytime I bring up the problems I have resulting from…Read More

Join my cause!

To: Whom it May Concern From: Cpl John M Topping, USMC 1987-1993, Desert Storm Veteran Subj: Gulf War Illness Hello, my name is John M Topping a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I proudly served my country from 1987-1993, 2nd Battalion, 2nd…Read More

Filing Official Complaints

I have just about finish the package I am sending to Sen. Sherrod Brown's office to file official complaints against Chillicothe VAMC and for the way Compensation & Pension Exams are done. I have so much information about the way my claims have been…Read More

Finding other Gulf War Veterans!!!

I would like to find other Gulf War Veterans who are having similar problems with the VA system on the Gulf War Illness. I would like for all members to send the word out to help me find them. Semper Fi, Mike Topping

A Day Full of Telephone Calls

I received a call from a lady in Sen. Sherrods Browns office today. I need to do up a few letters, one for an official inquiry on practices at the Chillicothe VA Medical Facility. The other to do an inquiry into how my Compensation & Pension Exam was not…Read More

Please Make a Few Phone Calls For Your States Veterans

Please take some time out of your day and call Senators, Congressmen and Governor of your state for the Veterans who are suffering from the Gulf War Illness. I ask that this is not a one time call. If you would please call them once a month until they and our…Read More
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