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Thanks for all the support

Hi everyone and Happy New year. I want to personally commend each and everyone of us for a job well done, in the cause and how we can all share our stories and support one another.
I want to take this opportunity to express my condolence to the family and friends of the latest victim of knife crime Steven Lewis. Rest in Peace.
We have had a few dissenters and negative people who oppose such a noble cause such as ours. We say they shall not win!
We have also been trying hard here, I would just like to say that in honour of our good work, I wish as soon as we grow up to shall we say 50,000 members we register as an official charity to help knife crime victims and families and also help educate people especially our youths about the dangers, consequences of carrying knifes.
Shall we do this? I would leave that answer to us promoting this cause on our status updates and sharing it with our friends.
Thanks once again for being part of this noble cause and I wish you a happy and a crime free year ahead.

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