Tell the World - eye cancer in children CAN be cured!

92% of children with eye cancer life in developing countries. 8 in 10 of these children die, even though retinoblastoma is very curable. Why? Mainly because they are not diagnosed early enough and struggle to access specialist care that can save their life.…Read More

Knowledge Saves Lives - Tell Your Friends!

White pupil in a child's eye could be a sign of eye cancer. When parents know this, children are diagnosed earlier, giving them better chance of saving eyes (developed countries) and saving lives (developing countries). World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week…Read More

Great News!

Today is a great day dear supporters. 1) We've reached 500 members and are now officially a squad - moving forward together to bring all children around the world the best chance of beating eye cancer. 2) Thanks to your wonderful support, the lives of 250…Read More

Wishing you all a Snappy Easter!

Easter is a time for reflection and celebration. For many children, that means Easter pageants at church and school, Easter Egg Hunts and parties - with lots of photographs to capture the moment. When you look at your children's photos (especially those taken…Read More

Make A Difference Today

The impact of childhood eye cancer in developing countries is appalling, but it can be overcome! We can build sustainable, locally led care for children that gives them the best chance of growing up to lead productive, valuable lives. £10 / US15 will fund…Read More

New Daisy's Eye Cancer Fund facebook page

Daisy's Eye Cancer Fund has a brand new facebook page. It turns out that facebook "pages" are just a little more convenient for sharing photos, videos, event information and the like than this "causes" application. So why don't you pop over to Daisy's page…Read More
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