To continue the encouragement of donations to the relief effort of the Haitian people

This is Round 2 of my record sale. A little over a year ago I put the vast majority of my CD collection up for sale with all money going to the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans. We were able to raise just over $300.

Easy rules: Everything is $3 a piece, exceptions being box sets and those Everclear, Weezer and Nirvana CDs whose covers have been signed by members of those bands. Those are $7 each.

All funds are automatically setup to go directly to the OxFam America; nothing goes through me. If you're not familiar with OxFam, it's okay, they're not as well known in the US, but the rest of the world knows them as well as the Red Cross. In fact, they are the group that Facebook is officially sponsoring.

If I know you well enough I'll give you your loot next time we make arrangements. If we don't speak much or if I have no idea who you are (thank you for generosity) I will front the costs to mail you your selections.

If you've already given to the Haitian relief effort, thank you. If not, please consider this more motivation. Right now the news is being flooded with this story (as it should be). But we know that in the coming weeks the attention will begin to wane and once again people who are in need will be forgotten about (the same happened with the Indian tsunami in 2004, Katrina in 2005, the Pakistani earthquake in 2006, etc.).

**Most Important: Invite everyone on your Friends list, spread the word as much as possible, please.

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