Shipping costs for Spokane shoes for Molly

Beth is renting a U-Haul to ship shoes from Spokane-area donors to Tacoma, where they will be shipped off to Haiti. She estimates the cost at about $265. I'll pledge $50. Anyone else?   Andy Cilley Cause Creator


The cost of the truck is going to $190 and about $75 for gas...are any of you willing to contribute to this cost? I would really appreicate it....!!!

Help get the shoes from Spokane to Seattle

I am heading to Idaho today....if anyone would help pay for a uhaul to get all these shoes back to Tacoma I would really appreciate it! FB message me or text me 206-321-4044

KXLY news cast yesterday in Spokane

Shoe drop-off in Portland?

 Is there a shoe drop-off site in Portland?   Andy Cilley Cause Creator


One of Molly Hightower’s causes was procuring shoes for those in need. From now until February 15th, all Service Steel locations will be collecting shoes for the people of Haiti. We encourage you to get involved as well! If your company would also like to…Read More

From Molly's last visitor, Rachel Prusynski

 She sent along this statement Saturday from the hospital: (Reprinted from Rachel Prusynski of Boise, Idaho, [graduated along with Molly] last May from…Read More
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