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1000 Africans for Haiti - How to make a Donation

Dear Friends,

So far 35 out of 777 have contributed to raise $845. I want to encourage you to make at least a $10 donation to this Cause. Our Cause membership will soon reach 1000. Let's continue contributing so our effort will be reflected in the amount raised.

Making a donation is simple:

1 - Click on the link below to go directly to the donation page:
(You can also access the donation page by visiting and clicking on the green "Donate" button)

2 - Select the Donation amount

3 - Enter payment information

4 - Select the box to share your information with the RED CROSS (optional)

5 - You can choose to leave a tip for the guys who created the Causes Application (That is optional)

6 - Click on the Blue "Donate Now" button

Note: Keep your donation receipt to use while filing your taxes.

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