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Can our contributions reach $1000 this week? I say with your help IT CAN!

Dear Friends,

We have raised $750 so far and for that I say Thank You. I know there are many of you who already made contributions via other means and for that I also want to commend you for standing up when it matters most.

I am hoping that our effort will be noticeable and our contributions strong. We are 473 strong right now and that is a good number considering this cause is not even a week old.

This is OUR CAUSE so let us make it a strong one. Let's have everyone say "When 1000 Africans stood up for Haiti, they raised over $1000 or even $10000." Yes I am hopeful we can reach that far.

Share this CAUSE with your friends, invite them to join and most importantly contribute. $10 is a good place to start. If just 25 people made a $10 contribution, we will be at $1000. We are in this together. It is not just my effort or just your effort. It is OUR effort. Don't forget to get your FREE African Vibes Magazine digital edition when you contribute. Simply email [email protected] with 'I AM ONE OF 1000' in the subject and include the name and email address where you want it sent.

You can email the CAUSE link to your friends. It is

Remember that 100% of contributions go to the RED CROSS.

Let's show what we can accomplish when we come together for a common CAUSE ... 1000 Africans For Haiti. I am Proud to be ONE of 1000 and I hope you are too.

Belle Niba
African Vibes Magazine
Editor In Chief

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