Haiti is in Crisis and needs our help. AFRICANS can come together and make a difference. YES WE CAN!

Haiti is a country with very limited resources. It is unfortunate that it had to undergo such devastation with the earthquake. African Vibes Magazine is reaching out to all Africans, African Vibes Magazine readers, subscribers, Fans and Friends to support with a donation no matter how small.

100% of all contributions made through this cause will go directly to the RED CROSS. Each Contributor will get a FREE Digital Edition of the African Vibes Magazine. Simply send your email address and name to [email protected] with "I AM ONE OF 1000" on the subject line.

Spread the word, ask your friends to support. Put this on your wall. What can 1000 Africans for Haiti accomplish? We say a $10000 difference.

"It always seems impossible until its done." - Nelson Mandela

1. Getting at least 1000 Africans, African Vibes Magazine readers, fans and friends to support Haiti during this time of Crisis

2. Raise at least $10000 toward Disaster relief for Haiti

3. Show that our humanity supersedes our individuality