membership drive

Hello friends, Greetings from Great Sri Lankan History Project ! We welcome those who joined the Great Sri Lankan History project anew and Thank you for those who are continuosly making an effort to increase the membership strength. Now that we have more…Read More

Welcome and Thank you !

Welcome new members to the ~ Great Sri Lankan History Project ~ It's a pleausre to see you guys here and Thank you for contributing by recruiting members. Please feel free to invite all your friends to this great cause and help the cause to achieve its…Read More

- Target for Year 2009 -

1. To achieve 500 members OR 2. The 'tipping point' in recruitment whichever comes first Good Luck & Happy Recruiting !!!

Sri Lankan History Project - Increasing the member strength to 100 by January 1st 2009

Well Thanks for Buddhi for initiating the 'Sri Lankan History Project'. It seems like we have a membership strength of 39 at the momnet. I suggest all 39 of us invite ALL OUR FRIENDS list to the cause tregardless of them being SLankans or not and regardless…Read More

hello.. my brothers and sisters of beloved motherland

Whats the point of starting a cause and doing nothing related to it? i feel bad.. :) Our membership has been growing and reached 21 (not a fancy number though ;) but I think we should start doing something, something meaningful to meet the objectives of the…Read More
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