Help save lives in Haiti as Oxfam responds to a catastrophic earthquake.

A major earthquake has struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince causing catastrophic destruction across the city of two million people in the western hemisphere's most impoverished nation.

Oxfam has an emergency team based in the capital responding with public health, water and sanitation services to prevent the spread of waterborne disease. As soon as our assessment teams have a fuller understanding of the emergency needs Haitians across the region face, Oxfam will work urgently to meet them. We know that because of the levels of poverty in the country and severity of this temblor, our response will be long term.

The people of Port-au-Prince need your support. You can help now by donating to our Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

1. A major earthquake struck Haiti just ten miles from the capital city of Port-Au-Prince.

2. Local officials are reporting a catastrophe of major proportions.

3. This is the largest earthquake ever recorded in a nation that is already the poorest in our hemisphere.

4. Your help is needed immediately.