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Update on December 03, 2012

Thank you all for your support. I read and appreciate your comments and concerns. One person asked me to remove his name from the petition. I'm fine with that, and I'll do so as soon as I find out how.......However, I don't think I can until I download all signatures. Sir if your or anyone else is reading this......let me address your concerns. I know I wasn't specific about offenders getting life without parole.....Every case and crime is different. That being said, I was referring to disturbed, sick individuals, who will always offend and never be rehabilitated, as many experts agree....These offenders have committed multiple, heiness acts on children.....Only to get life after they murder a child. A senseless murder that could have been prevented, if given life to begin with! Still that's no guarantee they'll get that....I don't know everything or have all the answers, but as a survivor of horrific abuse of all the hands of twelve sicko's who were never reported or served a day in jail.....So I've been in the trenches, so I know just how ugly this world is. That's why I've been asking for advice from people.

Thank you

Toni Ivory

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