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My personal story


My name is Toni Marie Powell-Ivory and creater of: "Let's Get Congress to Bail Our Children Out Now!" I know first hand how child abandonement, neglect and abuse can shatter and ruin lives.....At four my father plotted his escape from his responsibilies months in advance, by not paying the mortgage for three months, changed his name from Glen Harold Powell to Glen Earl Clay and social security number and fled......My mother had a complete breakdown.....We lost our home and spent many days and night hungry and cold, living with rats and roaches. My mother neglected, beat and verbally abused me......while my eldest brother beat, and sexually abused me.....My other older brother sexually molested me until he got me pregnant when I was fourteen.....I was sexually abused by one of my mothers boyfriends, two of my own doctors and three teachers.....I was a victim of false imprisonment, forced to be a slave and raise my younger siblings while my alcoholic mother ran the streets with her married boyfriend. ....I'm not sharing this for anyone to feel sorry for me; for I'm not defined by my abuse and I'm no victim! I used to be afraid to speak out because it would anger my family, but that's part of the problem. Abuse is kept secret and swept under the carpet. No one wants to talk about the Elephant in the room. If not for God I can't imagine where I'd be. That's why I'm willing to March into hell for a Heavenly cause. It took years for me to step up to the plate. "Now I Must Be About My Father's Business!' But I need people who are ready willing and able to work with prevent these horrors from happening to other children.
I plan to share my story to Congress. Are you? If not you can do something else.

Toni Ivory


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