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Dear Members,

I want to thank those of you, who've contacted me and committed and told me what they will bring to the cause.

I'm still seeking advocates, cause and group adminastrators and leaders. My cause has 6,100 members and rising. I'm very pleased about that.

I have signed petitions, however, I believe one did reach the amount of signatures I asked for. There will be more in the future God willing. But I need advisors, volunteers and people with connections. The media, psychologists who can testify that there's no cure for most sex offenders. We need laws to help and protect children.

For five years I put my all into this cause. But I don't want it to be in vain. I put off my book and school. So now I have no choice but to reschedule my trip to a later date. In the mean time I must finish and publish my book and go back to college.

Hopefully my cause will grow and people will commit and let me know what they will do. So I can start asking for donations.

Remember this is about the CHILDREN!! I can be reached at 313 701-6688, [email protected], [email protected]. I'm also on Twitter @tpispeak and Google+ tonipowellivory. I'm also on Care2Care at [email protected]


Toni Ivory

Administrator ( Lets Get Congress to Bail Our Children Out Now! )

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