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Help prevent needless suffering of children.


I realize we can't save all children. Should that stop us from helping those we can? I created this cause more then five years ago. Never asked for a dime or had a birthday wish, at least not yet. In the beginning I was relentlessly working on this cause.....Soon I have to focus of other things, that I can't  afford to put off any longer, i.e. my book and school. I've asked people to sign petitions, recruit others and asked people to join me in Congress....Many have joined my cause, signed my petitions and recruited others. Some have committed to go to DC., with me. While I don't want to come across as ungrateful. I've asked for; Psychologists, Social Workers, Advocates and people in the Media, law enforcement and more. With little or no success. For six years I've tried to reach; Nancy Grace, Marc Klass, Lisa Bloom, Gloria Alred, Oprah Winfrey and John Walsh. Judges, celebrities, etc. With no success! I've asked for people to let me know what they can bring to the cause. I need advice, volunteers and more. A few people have called me and I think them, but I need more.

Dear Members,

It greives me to do this, but I have no choice but I have to delay our trip to Washington, DC. No one is more disappointed then I. But it's just that a delay.

But I can't go until I have more people to commit. I have more then 6,100 members in my cause and I'm very grateful for that.

Earlier on I've been sending out posts, updates and emails. Asking for: Advisors, Volunteers, Advocates and Survivors. Cause and group leaders and administrators. Nancy Grace, John Walsh and Marc Klass and countless others.

I realize everyone can't go, but those who can't can still help. I haven't asked for donations or birthday wishes yet, but I will once we are organized.

I do want to thank those of you who have made commitments. I really appreciate it. But I need people not just to join, but to help me, by letting me know what you can bring to the cause.

I can't post a date for DC., until our cause is more together. Though you may not hear from me sometimes. It doesn't mean I'm not serious about my cause. I have other commitments. I'm writing confrontation letters, working on my book and preparing to go back to school. Something I can't afford to put off any longer. Which will be vital to this Cause.

Remember it's about the CHILDREN!

Thank you

Toni Ivory



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