To stop child abandonment, neglect and abuse

At 4, I was abandoned by my father, neglected, physically and mentally abused by my alcoholic, non protective mother, beat, raped and sexually abused by my two older brothers until one of them got me pregnant at 14, I had and was forced to raise the baby because my mother wouldn't allow me to put him up for adoption. I was sexually abused by my mothers boyfriend, 2 teachers, 2 doctors and 3 classmates, I've been date raped, beaten and bullied at school, 2 attempted abductions, verbally abused by my paternal grandmother and uncle, forced at 10 to raise my younger siblings. I was a victom of Stockholm syndrome and false inpriisonment. At 18 I wanted to leave home when my mother got ill I gave up so many precious years of my life caring for her, giving up on my dream to be a doctor, I also battled major depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD. 24yrs ago I joined a support group that saved my life! It was a group like no other. Unfortunately they had to close for lack of funding. While there I learned so much! and obtained so many tools. I wanted to write my book, but fear and the fact I thought you had to be a celebrity, famous or infamous to write a book liike mine. So after a lot of encouragement and my desire to help others, motivated me to write my book. While recovering from a bad accident I began writing free hand, because at the time I didn't have a computer. When my son gave me his old computer I had the enormous task of typing what I wrote on my computer, which is'nt easy when you type with one finger and can't sit at the computer for long, because I have fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis and 5 herniated disks. I took some time off from writting to network and create my Cause. Once published it is my goal to go to Capital Hill not alone, but in great numbers, I believe most if not all problems in society are caused because a child was not loved. So this affects us all. I'm fed up with hearing about abuse! I want to do something about it. I have so much to offer and to share. I can shed light on so many things the so called experts don't even know! You'd be shocked. People such, as celebrities are talking about it, but what about doing something to put an end to abuse of all kinds. Get your heads out of the sand and work. As your reading this; a child is being; neglected, sexually,pshycially and verbally abused, abducted, raped, murdered, sold into human trafficing and so on. None of my abusers were ever brought to justice and the list of abusers included so called upstanding members of society, which should explain why we don't have the laws we need. "Wake up people, offenders are everywhere!" To those of you who are now members and have recruited others, Thank You So Much!  I'm not asking for donations now.....I'm looking for peoplle not only to join the cause, but to share your storiies, views and opinions. I need people to tell me what they can offer to heip fight abuse of all kinds......If you have any questions to ask me, please do. I'll be more then happy to hear what you have to say.

1. I need victims, survivors, advocates, activist, victim's groups, organizations,celebrities, athletes, doctors, lawyers, politicians, the media.

2. I want victoms stories, survivors testimonies of how you over came the impossible. Advocates and all others to come together.

3. To help put an end to child abuse and other crimes. I need your opinions, offers of what you have to bring to the cause.

4. After I finish Writting and publishing my book, I want to go to Capital Hill to demand justice and better laws.

5. Websites www.cause.com/LetsGetCongresstoBailOurChildrenOutNow!,www.silverbraidssurvivorsfb.ning.com,www.causes.com/tonipowellivory