Still here to fight for abused children

Dear Members please revisit our Cause and familiarize yourselves with the plans and goals. Invite others to join our fight and to those of you with your own causes. Please repost Thank you Toni Ivory Administrator

Share your stories

I'm looking for Survivors, who are willing to share your stories and are willing to go to Capital Hill.... To tell your stories to create laws to keep offenders locked up for good...hopefully we can get Nancy Grace, Mark Klaas, psychiatrists, social workers,…Read More

My personal story

My name is Toni Ivory and creater of: "Let's Get Congress to Bail Our Children Out Now!" I know first hand how child abandonement, neglect and abuse can shatter and ruin lives.....At four my father plotted his escape from his responsibilies months in advance,…Read More

Also join Give Florida's Child Abuse Victims Back Their Rights!

Wildlife Crime: The Most Urgent Threat to Elephants, Rhinos, and Tigers

In 50 years of conservation, we have never seen wildlife crime on such a scale. Wildlife crime is now the most urgent threat to three of the world's best-loved species—elephants, rhinos and tigers. The global value of illegal wildlife trade is between $7.8…Read More

I Have to Delay The Trip to DC., When We're Ready I'll Let You Know.

Dear Members, I.want to.thank those of you, who've contacted me and committed and told me what they will bring to the cause. Unfortunately, I don't have enough people to go to Washington yet. Not for a lack of trying. For several months I've posted…Read More

Help prevent needless suffering of children.

I realize we can't save all children. Should that make us stop helping those who can? I created this cause three years ago. Never asked for a dime or had a birthday wish, at least not yet. For the last three months I've been relentlessly working on this…Read More
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