Harbourage Safe Harbor Homes is a planned campus for rescued victims of child sex trafficking by Ark of Hope for Children. Ark of Hope researched extensively into the needs of trafficking victims and how to bring them not just to safety, but to transformed lives filled with hope and a future. We need a "campus" that can provide security and healing, while cultivating mental, physical, and spiritual growth to help them become productive, self reliant adults.

An architecture major has designed a self sustaining, environmentally and energy efficient area that we are confident will achieve our goals. Ark of Hope for Children is very excited about our soon to be made public architectural rendering of our Harbourage safe homes for trafficking survivors. But we need you help as well. Please invite friends, share about us and pray for the victims that are being rescued quite regularly, but without quality rehab facilities to go to.


Learn more here; http://arkofhopeforchildren.org/programs/harbourage-child-sex-trafficking-safe-homes