Are abused children invisible?

Our Abused Kids and Youth cause and all the others need your help! Our cause and purpose have gone unnoticed for a while due to some problem on Causes end. We need our followers to spread the word and let others know about the need to help these children.…Read More

Help these once abused teens PLEASE!

Once trafficked teens are now in serious need that Ark of Hope has been counseling. Teens we have been trying to help have fallen on extremely hard times that can force them right back into the lives they worked so hard to be free from. Their electricty was…Read More

Turning hopelessness to Hope for abused children

Ark of Hope's "Jacob's Wings" transitions program was born out of the "Counter Attack (" coaching, counseling and mentoring of severely abused and trafficked children. It was recognized by Blair Corbett that…Read More

Two huge announcements!

#1- New counseling site for victims of all ages opens May 16, 2011 #2- 12 song and 4 music video dual disc Project 50 Files helps abuse victims thru Ark of Hope for Children #1- We are excited to now be helping with a new online self-help social network for…Read More

Tune in to internet radio interview

Administrator of End Child Sex Trafficking cause, Blair will be interviewed on the Internet radio show “Adoption–Journey to Motherhood” on Monday, Feb 28 from 9-10:00am EST. Host Mary Beth Wells will ask about our mega-adoptive family, our nonprofit Ark of…Read More

Hey Ark of Hope cause administrators!

We have a special cause fundraising opportunity in February, especially during Valentines Day. The funds raised will help our severely diminished funds for our CounterAttack counseling/mentoring program for child and yoouth victims. Read more about it on the…Read More

Child trafficking at the Supeer Bowl :-(

When I think of the SuperBowl, I think of touchdowns, wings, commercials, and the Jets (hopefully!).  Trafficking of children is not a topic that I have always associated with the SuperBowl.  Unfortunately though, it should be.  Dallas is about to become a…Read More
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