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Help Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation by using this site when doing internet shopping, you are directed to yiur regular site but DSISO get a donation to their cause in the process. Please help...................…Read More

Support Your Local Team going to the 5th orld CHampionships

Come on Come on Come on. Get out there and support your home country to this event.............. Line the streets like you would for your Olympians and Paralympians

5th World swimming championships for Down Syndrome

29 countries committed and 300 swimmers, are you missing out. Contact [email protected] for more details or www.dsiso.org There are thousends of swimmers out there with potential, pass this on to as many as you can

Join the Cause

Hi all Thank you all for jioning the cause, can you help with my goal to get this site doubled by Saturday! All I am asking is if all of you get one of your freinds to join we can do it PLEASE HELP

Keith and Andrew Banks plan to walk the West Highland Way

Andrew Banks is planning to walk the 95 mile West Highland Way which opened in1980 and runs from the outskirts of Glasgow to Fort William. Andrew has Downs Syndrome and is using the walk to raise funds for his travel to the World Swimming Championships and to…Read More

Down Syndrome Day-23rd March

Join our campaign to get Down Syndrome recognised in their own right to have a category in the Paralympics…………… write to the IPC and copy to your home Paralympic organisation. The more that write the more they will get the message. Please all send to arrive…Read More

We have reached 250

Please help push the word............... we have reached 250 but it is still low!!!! Come on all you Down Syndrome supporters, pass on the word
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