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SB2516 is now SB71 and An Introduction!

NEWSFLASH!!! Senate Bill 2516 is now Senate Bill 71!! Senator Ira I. Silverstein introduced SB71 to the 97th General Assembly on January 27, 2011. Currently, SB71 is in the insurance committee.

There will be a change in leadership this year. I would like to introduce Amber Smock, Director of Advocacy for Access Living located in Chicago, Illinois. The purpose of introducing Amber is because my family and I relocated to Arkansas. I have faith in Amber to take the lead in coordinating legislative advocacy efforts for Senate Bill 71. She is right now working with the advisement of last year’s team, and is herself a hearing aid user. My involvement with Senate Bill 71 remains intact, as I will provide assistance as needed.

Amber can be reached at [email protected]. Access Living’s website is

Without further ado, please welcome, Amber Smock!

JulieAnn Chavez

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