To pass legislation requiring that hearing aids be covered by insurance

This is a national problem but we are organizing right now in Illinois -

The bill that needs your support is S. B. 0071

For Illinois people: Please contact your legislators today asking for their support of this legislation - your voice on this matters..



Amends the Illinois Insurance Code, the Health Maintenance Organization Act, and the Voluntary Health Services Plans Act to require coverage for hearing instruments and related services for all individuals when a hearing care professional prescribes a hearing instrument. Provides that an insurer shall provide coverage for up to $2,500 per hearing aid per insured's hearing impaired ear subject to certain restrictions. Provides that an insurer shall not be required to pay a claim if the insured filed the claim 36 months prior to the date of filing the claim with the insurer and the claim was paid by any insurer. Contains a nonacceleration clause. Effective immediately.

1. Hearing aids are not covered by insurance

2. People have been trying to get this legislation passed for over 25 years

3. Every other disability group have basic tools like this that are covered by insurance. ie: wheelchairs, walking canes, eye surgery, etc

4. There is a bill coming before the Illinois Legislature S. B. 0071