Mustafa is a 9-year old Palestinian in Gaza who needs an eye operation. Please assist in any way to find medical support or raise funds.

Mustafa is a 9-year old Palestinian boy living in Beit Hanoun, a military buffer zone in the Gaza Strip. He comes from a poor family which endured the devastation of the war in January 2009, but continues to live in meager conditions by the roadside.

Mustafa's eye was pierced by a 20-year old man (who remains uncharged by the police) and he is currently awaiting treatment for over 2 months.

Having spoken with local doctors on his condition and options for treatment abroad, we think Mustafa can receive treatment in a suitable hospital in Gaza itself. We appreciate any funds to support his treatment and ongoing rehabilitation in Gaza.

You may provide contributions securely online to the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) on behalf of "Mustafa Shaban Zaanin" (Gaza):


You can read more about Mustafa here:

I will continue to post updates on my blog.

I am currently spending time with Mustafa in Beit Hanoun when I can, teaching him to use a digital video camera so he may capture and show us his world through another medium.

Mustafa is shy and warm, but has a curious eye when he starts filming. I hope he will fully recover his vision someday.

Nitin Sawhney

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