Everyone should sign this petition!


we are allowed to invite 150 people each day imagine if each of us just invited 10 people a day our cause would become even greater than what it is! send out your invites. it takes only a minute of your time :) Ashley Brown Admin: Sea Shepherd…Read More

invite your friends!

if each member invites one other person, we will double our numbers and hopefully our dontations! keep up the good work. -ashley

Donations are growing!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the growth of this cause as well as your donations! $190 for a facebook cause is impressive! Keep it up! Whether it's inviting you friends, borrowing mom's credit card to donate a dollar, you are contributing! So…Read More

Wear the Crown for a Cause

So when running for the position of Miss Teen Ohio, you have to have a platform in which you fight for and want to help make stronger, and this year I want the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to be my main focus. By having th position of Miss Teen Ohio, if…Read More


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