Providing medical and community support in developing countries

Our Mission

To improve medical care in developing countries through medical program development, education, direct patient care, diagnostic support, medical device donations, medical supply donations, and community outreach support with the support of medical volunteers.

Our Vision

Execute the mission of earthMed as an independent, non-sectarian, non-political organization, providing carefully planned, appropriate services to achieve the earthMed mission, changing services in response to the changing needs of those we support, and fostering an atmosphere of growth in the organization to improve our ability to better carry out our mission.

Conduct overseas volunteer medical missions annually to earthMed’s primary support locations.

Establish and/or further develop self-sustaining programs of basic and/or advanced health services in developing countries as appropriate, and provide the means for supported facilities to improve self-sufficient availability to medicines, medical devices and medical supplies.

Provide support at locations that are potential primary support locations or where such support will provide immediate impact.

Develop educational programs and consultative support for healthcare professionals at our supported locations including hands-on training during visiting missions, and by providing educational material both during missions and remotely via the Internet, and other means as available.

Increase the availability of local and regional skilled medical personnel by supporting the local healthcare educational facilities of our supported locations and healthcare vocational schools in developing countries.

Provide education opportunities in the USA and Canada for healthcare professionals of our supported locations, and those elsewhere in the developing world.

Work closely with international clinical engineering experts to assure earthMed’s clinical engineering support provides appropriate technologies and support methodologies.

Pursue and distribute medical equipment donations, disposal/reusable medical accessory donations, operation and service manual donations, and donations of medical equipment repair parts.

Establish support locations to exclusively provide clinical engineering support where such support will provide immediate impact.

Establish affiliations with local, national, regional and international medical charitable programs and authorities to collaborate support, avoid duplication of efforts, and exchange expertise and resources.

Encourage earthMed volunteers to participate with other medical charitable programs to broaden experience of providing medical services in developing countries.

Commit to operating as transparently as possible to provide assurance to both earthMed volunteers and donors that earthMed is functioning effectively, efficiently and ethically.

Get Involved!

earthMed is providing or considering support in the following nations: Argentina, Bolivia, Grenada, Mongolia, Peru, Tanzania and Uganda.

Clinicians interested in volunteering please contact Dr. Patricia Babb, Medical Director, via e-mail [email protected]

Media inquiries, please contact Cynthia Porter via e-mail [email protected]

Clinical engineering inquiries, please contact Dustin Telford, [email protected]

For general inquiries, to learn more about how you can serve as an earthMed volunteer, have medical or equipment supplies you may be able to donate, or would like to provide financial support, please contact Lou Schonder, Founder and Director of earthMed, via e-mail [email protected]

1. To improve medical care in developing countries.

2. Conduct overseas volunteer medical missions.

3. Establish and/or further develop self-sustaining programs of basic and/or advanced health services in developing countries.

4. earthMed is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contributions to earthMed are tax-deductable in the USA.

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