Fanconi Anaemia storyline in Emmerdale

Sarah Dingle is diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia. Fanconi Anaemia FAmily Support and Fanconi Hope have been acting as storyline advisors for the last 6 months. The storyline is based on the real experiences of UK families and with average viewing figures at 6.5…Read More

Increasing FA profile

- what a FAntastic day, chairing the Fanconi Anaemia session at the British Society for Human Genetics conference in Warwick. FAntastic forum. Well organised, great presentations and a good platform for Fanconi Anaemia FAmily!!! Got loads of information from…Read More

Another FAngel

Please spare a thought and a prayer for the Aggabao FAmily; their beautiful FAngel Katrina has now got her wings. She has gone to play among the clouds with the other FAngels and suffers no more. Her family, on the other hand..............gentle angel hugs to…Read More

The Future

It's time to up our game. We have been speaking to the media about an FA story to raise awareness, and we are seeking corporate sponsorship (watch this space). We are starting to plan for our third FAmily meeting but need to get on with some fundraising (any…Read More

2 pound 2 pound FA

In the famous words of Sir Bob - "give us your money" - 2 pound 2 pound FA. Just a one-off donation of £2 or £2 each month or even £2 each week would be great. Nobody can afford to give a lot of money so if a lot of people can give a little money, you would…Read More

2nd UK FAmily Support Meeting

Our 2nd FAmily Support Meeting has now been organised for 11th - 13th March 2011. We have booked some lovely holiday cottages just outside York and we are now making arrangements for meals / refreshments. Also, just waiting for confirmation from a few…Read More

2nd UK FAmily Support Meeting

For those individuals and FAmilies affected by FA, how would you like the opportunity to meet others in a similar position? Would you like to hear presentations from FA Specialists, and speak to them on a one-to-one basis? We are planning our 2nd FAmily…Read More
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