The farm is threatened by the City Council, your support is needed to stop this

Dear friends

I was at a meeting between  city council officers and the city farm on
Friday  8th January.

I was there in a personal capacity and as a friend of the farm. Those who
work at the farm and committee members feel under pressure from the city
council to agree to give up 10% of the farm land in exchange for a renewal of
their lease. The meeting was distressing in that the officers present, the
director of housing and the housing department project manager for the
Stonebridge Estate scheme, made it plain that to enable a new lease to be
agreed the farm would have to agree to giving up 10% of the farmed land for
parking for neighbouring housing. Not only this they would have to agree not
to challenge any future planning applications which may impact on the farm.

The council officers to justify their position stated that they  have under
taken a full consultation  and have found that 15 neighbours of the 31 next
to the farm  agree with the scheme. The farm had 10,000 visitors last year.
But they do not seem to count.

I am writing to you to encourage you to rally round the farm and defend this
project as an essential resource for our communities. The farm has already
had meetings with Jon Collins the leader of the council and Jane Todd the
chief executive of Nottingham City Council but these discussions have failed
to halt the pressure on the farm to agree to the loss of 10% of their land.

Please respond if you feel that our community farm is of greater value than
car parking by emailing friends and decision makers and signing this on line
petition  http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/33312.html
I apologise if you have already received this message

pete mcguire,

1. http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/33312.html

2. the choice a green space or a car park