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This is a petition for the Mandatory Life Sentence for the individuals who took the life of CK, Chris Kernich. These individuals took my good friend Stephanie's brother and the only son of an amazing woman, Sherry Kernich. CK touched the heart of everyone who was lucky enough to meet him. He was a son, brother, star athlete and ultimately a loyal friend. Thousands of people have been affected by his death at the hands of individuals who acted so senseless and vicious. Chris and his friends were simply minding their own business walking home in Akron when these individuals abruptly attacked them in an unprovoked act of violence. Please sign this petition if you believe that these individuals deserve life in prison. Please include your full name, city you live in, and a phone number where you can be reached. My friend, Stephanie, will never talk to her brother again, hug him, laugh and joke with him. He will never see his nieces again. His mother will never get to hold her only son again, see him for the holidays, watch him graduate college, get married, or have children of his own. CK's death was so senseless and tragic, and came at a high price for his family, friends and the community. If these individuals were ever able to return to the streets it could be your family that is affected next time. Petition for these individuals to get a manatory life sentence in prison for the vicious, senseless act they committed for no other reason than to hurt someone and the people that loved him. This is a cause that I started on my own after a long talk with Sherry about the fact that this petition will not hurt. Everyone affected by CK's death, and even those who just care and think justice should be served, or know someone who has been a victim of violence should be heard. Now it is up to us to let the people who are going to make a decision for a mandatory life sentence for these individuals or not know that we expect nothing less. This is justice!

1. Mandatory life sentence for murder

2. Justice for family, friends and the community

3. Life sentence for a senseless tragic act of violence