Women working to reform marijuana laws

The NORML Women's Alliance is a multi-purpose, strategically coordinated coalition that will provide a platform to engage suburban "soccer moms" and other mainstream American women who have both privately and publicly supported marijuana law reform, but may not identify with the cannabis culture that has historically been associated with its activism.

The NORML Women's Alliance creates a proper medium that reflects the priorities, community standing, and social consciousness of professional, successful women. There are millions of women, both consumers and abstainers (and even former prohibitionists), who have substantive, maternal concerns that need to be represented in the public debate.

The events, webpages, blogs and information produced by the NORML Women's Alliance will serve as a channel for women to register their dissatisfaction with prohibition.

1. Advocates for an open, honest conversation about marijuana with America's youth

2. the fiscal priorities of marijuana prohibition are wasting billions of dollars on a failed policy.

3. Additional Positions: http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=8065