Struggling Japan finds $30 million to subsidize whaling in Antarctica (via Pete Bethune)

Announced today by ABC in Australia and Asahi News in Japan, the Japanese government is to spend US$30 million to subsidize their ailing whaling fleet in sending them to Antarctica. The announcement was made from the Prime Minister, who stated that Japan…Read More

Another victory for the whales...

It has been reported that the Japanese Whaling Fleet have called off the hunt early this year due to the continual 'harrassment' from SSCS.... great news for all involved =-]

It's On Again..

Well it's happening again everyone.... The Japanese attack fleet have left the harbour and are headed south once again from what I hear... Stay Tuned as I deliver updates as best as I can from my remote little outpost... Remember to keep hassling your local…Read More

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Well people.. as we all know by now, Pete is out and back home with his family... minus his beautiful boat, and a few months of his life... to date, he has been charged, and unlawfully accused of lame charges whilst the 'captain' of the boat that…Read More

New Zealand... your governmental representitive to the IWC has decided that it would be a good thing to re-introduce commercial whaling...

Māori have a long association with whales. While whales provided food and utensils, they also feature in tribal traditions and were sometimes guardians on the ancestors’ canoe journeys to Aotearoa. Oral histories recall interactions between people and whales…Read More


Welcome aboard to all our new members and a big THANKYOU for helping us pass the 1000 mark... but our job here isnt finished by any means... Let all your friends know about us and invite as many people as possible.. We are going to ask a political party…Read More

Thankyou to all of you.......

Yesssssssss... we cracked the thousand... congratulations people .... Well done.. But now we have a new goal to achieve... lets crack the 2.... =-] With 2k we can really let Kevin Rudd and his mates know we are not simply a minority... Grab your friends and…Read More


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