Video of Testimony for Lawless America

This is a brief synopsis of the judicial misconduct of Lauderdale County, Alabama Court under the reign of former judge Jimmy Sandlin. Four years later, and it is still a very emotional topic for me to discuss, but I did my best to relay the facts of the…Read More

Lawless America Introductory Script

VICTIM 3 -- 3-MINUTE SCRIPT My name is Darlene. I was granted full custody of my son in my Limestone County, Alabama divorce in May 1998, when Benjamin was two years old. My son and I were in a car accident in Orlando, FL, in October 2005, subsequently I…Read More

See me in the documentary, "Lawless America"

On July 13, my husband and I were interviewed by Bill Windsor, of Lawless America, for his documentary about judicial corruption. Bill is traveling across the U.S. interviewing victims and survivors of injustices, and will present his documentary to Congress.…Read More

New case law, new hope ... In this case, the Appellate Court states: ""'It is well settled that "[i]n dealing with such a delicate and difficult question –- the welfare of a minor child –- due process of law in…Read More

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I say it's TIME - time to take back what is rightfully ours! Our RIGHTS - OUR TOTAL COMPLETE RIGHTS - OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. The government has over stepped their boundaries and it's time that "WE the People!" stand up!! Are you going to join me in a week…Read More

Courageous Kids Network

Please pass this on to any child/teenager in need of help. Thank you. COURAGEOUS KIDS NETWORK P.O. Box 1903, Davis, CA 95617 We, the Courageous Kids Network, are a growing group of young people whose childhood was shattered by biased…Read More

Some have asked what the can do to help ... here's one thing.

Dr. Phil is doing a show about parents falsely accused of being harmful to their child/ren ... the link is at this web address: I have written in, and would appreciate anyone familiar with this situation to…Read More
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