To provide monies to furnish medication to low income patients in Colorado

Kiefair Keepsakes carries a variety of gifts to relax the body, calm the mind, and soothe the soul.
We were founded by a low income medical marijuana patient whose only other income is from SSD/SSI. As we grow we intend to dedicate larger and larger percentages of our profits to the trust. Our goal is 100% of profits going to free medicine.
We encourage Colorado Dispensaries to join our effort by contacting us. You will need to set up a Paypal account for me to make deposits to. It really is that simple!

When I learn of a patient in need in your area, I will contact you to verify availability and confirm I will be making a deposit.

The patient comes in, gets their medicine and reports back to me on quality, customer service, etc. I then write a review keeping the patient information private. I post that review on my website.

Everybody wins!

1. The person who donated the money gets a gift for themselves or someone else. A purchase they may have made anyway goes to help someone else.

2. The person who is in need gets their medicine with a reasonable expectation of getting top shelf medication.

3. The dispensary participating gets free advertising

4. The charity manager gets income for necessary food and medications necessary to be healthy enough to continue managing the site.
Visit our site athttp://sites.google.com/site/kiefairkeepsakes/home
Kiefair Keepsakes always dontaes 10% of all profits to a low-income fund which provides free medication to medical marijuana patients in need.
Please consider making a purchase or donation.

1. No one should have to suffer due to lack of money for medication.