Help contemporary dance in Toronto thrive

Why Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary dance provides a platform to reflect on our own experiences

Contemporary dance is a new vocabulary for self-expression

Contemporary dance is self-reflective and constantly pushes the limits of form and content

What can you expect as a viewer of contemporary dance?

* Discover work that is stimulating and thought provoking

* Experience risk taking and a thirst for adventure

* Witness processes that live outside the box

* Look at complex issues from a non-verbal perspective

* Feel unimaginable and inexplicable emotions

* Excite your visual and intellectual skills

* Journey alongside the sophistication of the human body in motion

And this is what your support can do:

Your support helps us introduce more people to the world of contemporary dance

Your support helps us create works of artistic excellence

Your support helps us support initiatives by other professional dance artists

Your support helps us to expand our reach and increase our profile

“Dancemakers is a professional contemporary dance company that brings to its audiences dance of sophisticated physicality and emotional impact. Driven by a unique choreographic vision, the company’s creations draw on the diverse talents and individual strengths of its artists to develop and support works that both provoke and entertain.

Dancemakers Centre for Creation is a place where creativity and creative exchange are fostered and nurtured through programs such as residencies, choreographic labs and master classes. It is a dynamic place of encounters between artists and public where the perception of dance is enriched and developed.

Both Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation work to improve the standard of living of its artists."

1. Artistic products contribute to national identity, social health and economic prosperity.

2. Art-engagement encourages creativity, innovation, flexible thinking and adaptability. It makes us question our perceptions and the status quo.

3. Artistic-products elicit emotional, soulful, unexplainable and inexpressible sensations.