regrouping JICC !

. . . kia ora, greetings to all you early JICC adopters! Apologies for the confusion but I have had to spend some time getting to grips with Facebook, and the differences groups, causes, pages, profiles and variations between. Short story: still…Read More

new poll | causes of world journalism in crisis

... POLL Take the new JICC poll - on causes behind world journalism in crisis. Does the crisis come from inside the industry - or outside? Have your say here : MEMBERS JICC now has more than 100 members ! Some 26…Read More

update | coalition spreading to ning + web4dev 2010

. . . UPDATE JICC, the Journalism in Crisis Coalition has scored a small hit by being the second online group to register for the web4dev conference. Over the next 12 months, JICC will target similarly significant calendar events, either 'inhouse' like…Read More

public funding?

Jason Brown just posted a link to your cause, journalism in crisis coalition ( Should journalists get a bailout like car manufacturers and big banks? Thanks, Jason Brown Black and Hispanic Broadcasters,…Read More

greetings early JICC adopters!

. . . Many thanks for signing up to JICC already , ) I have yet to go live, as it were, with the concept, so encouraging to see people jumping on board already - thanks Kate! So far we already have 8 people on board, without even trying, so I have a…Read More
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