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Unite Canadians and other countries into action to help expedite testing, research and treatment relating to CCSVI and end Multiple Sclerosis

MS Liberation Group is a grassroots Multiple Sclerosis (MS) group in Ottawa, ON who either have Multiple Sclerosis, have a loved one who has been afflicted with this disease or believe in the Cause.

The discovery of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) by Dr. Paolo Zamboni opens a new door for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research. Testing & the procedure are not readily available in Canada at this time.

Sufficient amounts of blood are not getting back to the heart through certain veins. In MS patients it has been found to be the internal jugular veins in the neck and/or the azygos in the chest. These veins have been found to be malformed in some way. Not affected by cholesterol like arteries, veins are narrowed, twisted or kinked, some blocked. They all cause very slow, no flow or an actual refluxing of blood back to the brain and/or spinal cord. Refluxed blood carries & deposits excess iron in the brain/spinal cord.

No… There is much history & experience -there has been close to 150 years of research that points to the direction that MS is a vascular disease. It had been ignored and replaced with the autoimmune model. Professor Zamboni brought all of this research together with today’s technologies. Over 12,000 procedures have been performed worldwide over the past few years in patients with MS. Many patients and studies have reported that this showed the benefits of stopping the disease or symptom relief in many. Since this breakthrough, there have been many researchers, doctors and studies opening their doors to MS patients.

Doppler Ultrasound (Zamboni protocol) or Magnetic Resonance Venography (MRV). Most patients are tested using an MRV, done in an MRI machine with contrast. Instead of looking for lesions in the brain, it is used to show the veins in the neck & upper chest.

Performed by Interventional Radiologists (IR), similar conditions have been corrected in many parts of the body for 30 years. Using angioplasty a hollow catheter is threaded up into the veins from the groin. Once in place, a small balloon at the end of the catheter is inflated allowing normal blood flow. The IR and nurses monitor the process on a screen as they are performing the procedure. The patient is awake for the procedure but is given something to relax him. It may be decided in a few cases that a stent is required.

Continue your great support. Spread the word to counter the negative attention being put forth by a few neurologists. You can visit our website for more news, explanations and our continuing efforts. There is a place for welcomed donations. Go to our website & click DONATE on the page or locate information about donating to various fundraising efforts.


1. To help get Canadians with CCSVI/Multiple Sclerosis tested & treated for CCSVI as quickly as possible in Canada and the U.S.
2. To help expedite Canadian and US research and acceptance of CCSVI
3. To get angioplasty approved for everyone in their own countries