Back to give them freedom. (invisible children)

We are back on "Oprah"!

We're Back on Oprah! (

Yes, you read that right: Your silence has reached Oprah. Because of what you've already accomplished for 25, Oprah is having us on her show—for the THIRD time—to share the story of Invisible Children with millions more. We'll be on with our friend and film director Tom Shadyac.

Watch "The Oprah Winfrey Show" tomorrow (April 20th) to see our filmmakers talk with Oprah about what you've done for 25. Check your local listings for when it airs. (Yes, we copied and pasted that last sentence directly from TV Guide.)

This is all happening because in 5 days, on Sunday at 7PM, we're going silent, to speak out against 25 years of LRA violence. 25 hours later, on Monday at 8PM, we'll be breaking that silence together in a big way. How big? Keep reading...

To join and add your voice to 25, sign up at ( and RSVP for the 'Break the Silence' event near your city. The details about your specific location for 'Break the Silence' are now up, so we'll say it ( We just took away any excuse you have for not showing up, because all the details are at the website. (Sorry, people who like excuses—not this time.)

Okay, that's all. We're done now.

See you next Monday,
-Invisible Children

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