Restore Gods/Jesus Name as the Holy name and not as a swear name.

I am a newborn child of God and I love His name and specially my saviours - Jesus CHrist - name. But it bothers me that these days, nearly in every movie, television show , there Name are misuse and use as a swear name. like " oh my god" or "jesus christ". I cant stand this as Christian. But what botheres me the most is that christians everywhere does'nt seem to stand up to this and just keep quit. Jesus said: "if you don't stand up for My Name, then I will not stand up for your name in my Fathers house" - people often said (who misuse God's name like that, that this is there way to give praise to GOd, well I think this is nonsens - if you want to give praise, give praise but not as a swear word when things go wrong in your life or to listen and look at movies . We as children of GOd must begin to stand up for His name and not keep quit just to keep the peace. His name is to Holy, special and the Name of all names. Please in the name of our Saviour , Jesus Christ, I call up all christians , who said they love God to begin to boiket these movies and Tv shows and to speak up to people who misuse His name unnecesary.

1. God is the Holy'st name in the Universe

2. Jesus is our Redeemer and NOT to misuse

3. Correct people how they use Gods/Jesus name