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Amber Alert GPS Tracking Device - Don't question where your child is anymore!


You are a valued member of our network to prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Abduction. Please read this entire message it could save your child.

Why track your child using GPS? Why not? Child Predators go UN-noticed. That’s why. Don't click away until you have read this important message!

-It is a fact that if a child is abducted they are most likely killed within 12-24 hours after abduction.

-It is better to know where your child is than to not know. Don’t take that chance. This device can be hidden any where on your child.

-If your child is abducted he/she could activate the SOS button within seconds and you can track them instantly. You can also track them at any second of the day anytime you wish from your computer or using the smart phone app provided.

-Do not let your child be a victim when you could have prevented it.

This system sells for $199 but we have a special promo code to use and you can save $75 this month. PROMO CODE is "GPS Me Now".

Wear around the neck and have instant access as soon as they need it.

Fits in the palm of your hand you can even talk with your child two way:

Has two way walkie talkie function:

Every friend should have one:

Expose Report and Don't Allow Sex Offenders on Facebook have a special PROMO CODE for you to use...get $75 off this using promo code: GpsMeNow
Click the link or call…

Call Toll Free! 1-888-334-3958 and Use PROMO CODE is "GPS Me Now".
Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm MST

Thank you for being our valued member.

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