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CUBA - JUNE 3rd– JUNE 12th – Architects, Engineers, development delegation


CUBA - JUNE 3rd– JUNE 12th 2016 Havana/Artemisa – This is a Architects, Engineers, Agroecologist and professionals involved in sustainable community development under Agroecological philosophies and Agro-Eco Pueblos (self sustaining off the grid community) delegation.

Multinational Agro Eco Pueblos Community Coop
Press Release - NEEM of Durham, North Carolina - USA/Cuba/Bolivia

Contact: Jeffrey A. Ensminger, [email protected] Web Site:

NEEM is pleased to announce establishment of three Eco Pueblos Knowledge Exchange Community projects with agreements signed/ sealed, contribution of lands made, and top down support received in two delegations; one to Bolivia in July and the second to Cuba where the U.S. and Bolivian signatories of the Sacaba Cochabamba, Bolivia document met in Havana for the third project location. Agro ecological philosophies are applied to all 3 projects.

The original July 18, 2015 agreement in Sacaba Cochabamba Bolivia once signed and sealed resulted in leverage of 75 hectares of land committed in Sacaba by Mayor Humberto Sanchez and commitment of preliminary funding of $100 Million USD in a public private partnership of diverse investors.

The December 11, NEEM led U.S. Bolivia delegation to Cuba resulted in a commitment of 277 hectares by the Mayor of Perico, the town and Perico community with additional support from Indio Hatuey and the Central Committee in the Matanzas, Cuba province. The draft document is almost complete. The Cuba Eco Pueblos project will leverage funding as a part of that cooperative also in a public private partnership.

The third location is in Durham North Carolina, USA at Organoponico NEEM that will expand from the farm into the Knowledge Exchange Eco Community/Pueblos. Funding for Durham will also be through public private partnership in this replicable sustainable community development model. NEEMs goal has remained the same with Agroecological philosophies applied to sustainable community development. Investment in real estate, education and commercial central to downtown Durham will create a model as the other sites will with each distinct and adapted to the culture, demographics and topography but all self-sustaining with firm commitments in foreign exchange with top level organizations.

"We were astonished to visit Bolivia, work through the Eco Pueblos proposal, draft the document and have it accepted before departure especially with the commitments and support the project received". "To have leveraged the land and subsequent capital investment for Bolivia of $100 million USD and meet in Cuba was outstanding." "In Cuba and Durham we have the documents, commitments, land and will repeat that process until all three projects are funded creating three ecological community cooperative models in the Americas and Caribbean" says Jeff Ensminger, NEEM Founder.

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