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U.S. – CUBA – BOLIVIA – NEEM Agro Eco Pueblo delegation


DECEMBER 11th – DECEMBER 19th 2015 Havana – Trinidad – Cienfuegos – Matanzas – Havana and Artemisa – Agroecology, Sustainable community and Eco Pueblos multinational delegation. NEEM is pleased to convene delegates from the U.S., Cuba and Bolivia on Agro Eco Pueblo and self sustaining community.
NEEM entered into an agreement in Sacaba, Bolivia for the purpose of creating 3 Eco Pueblos and the multinational cooperative. We are meeting in Cuba to finalize the collaborative and secure the three knowledge exchange projects that contribute to the greater good.
July 17th, 2015 NEEM traveled to Bolivia. As a cooperative we developed signed and sealed a conceptual document for Eco Pueblos that allowed us to leverage 75 Hectares (180 acres) in Sacaba, Cochabamba Bolivia. We used the bottom up community support, agreement and land to leverage the project funding. The Bolivian Senate has agreed to a $100 million USD budget in support of the project that includes International private investment.
On December 11th – 19th NEEM leads a U.S., Bolivian, Cuba delegation including diplomats from Bolivia that will meet in Havana and develop an Eco Pueblos collaboration, based on the Cuban model, similar agreement with a Cuban land commitment of 97 hectares. NEEM will seek on a smaller land scale a version of Eco Pueblos in Durham, North Carolina USA. We have a potential of 60 urban acres in Durham also in a public/private partnership. All three projects will behave as a cooperative in support of Eco Pueblos project goals, sustainable community development and establishment of the Eco Pueblos model with Agro ecological principals as the foundation.
“We are amazed at what was achieved in Bolivia and proud of that community & financial commitment to Eco Pueblos. With the land, support, agreement and $100 million in diversified funding is serious leverage for pre investment opportunity in Cuba (now) at the land there and likewise in Durham at the NEEM land.” Each Eco Pueblos a replicable model culturally unique sharing in the cooperative an Agroecogical philosophy to sustainable community development with focus in the urban sector. "The possibility is there; like opportunity. We did not miss opportunity in Bolivia, do not intend to in Cuba or in Durham.” JAE

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