SUDAFRICA - extended stay interns leave soon - NEEM 2013 Interns start

The U.S./South Africa/Zimbabwe/Cuba delegation was spot on. This delegation was People to People, Farmer to Farmer, Campesino e Campesino and gender equal from eight African villages. It was very rewarding and we were impressed with the level of humility and…Read More

NEEM Cuba Brigades - delegations and dates Please follow the link for what we have on schedule for 2012.


Hugh Bennett field, named in honor of Dr. Bennett (founder of the Soil Conservation Services)from the dust bowl era was Agroecologically cleared and stepped on contour. Beds were created using mulch from the scrub trees cleared. Burt's Bees planting day and…Read More

Hugh Bennett field

NEEM will open Hugh Bennett field parallel and slightly below the greenhouse and raised beds at the 10 acre Wabash site in honor of Dr. Bennett's work in soil conservation. NEEM is the first Urban Sustainable Agroecological farm in North Carolina to receive…Read More

Off to Cuba and the launch is on

Please look at the new launch for the book. A percentage of sales goes to NEEM. Best, Jeff

North Carolina Sustainable Agriculture Delegation in Cuba

NEEM invites you to participate in a North Carolina Sustainable Agriculture Delegation in Cuba, January 15 – 22, 2011. This delegation takes place in and around Havana with unprecedented access to Cuban agriculturalists and in-depth site visits to related…Read More
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