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$10.10 for more democracy on 10/10

The Vote for MMP campaign is a grassroots, volunteer-driven campaign and is powered by small donations from supporters of democracy - like the members of this group.

If we are going to win the campaign for better democracy in Ontario, we're going to need the resources to counter the spin and misinformation about MMP and reach out to the 70% of Ontarians who don't know about the referendum.

That's why we're asking all democratic reform supporters to take a minute to make a small donation to the Vote for MMP campaign and help support the campaign to modernize Ontario democracy by increasing voter choice, ensuring fair results and better representation. So please, donate online at

Want to volunteer, or want to donate, but not online, contact Vote for MMP at [email protected] or by phone at 1-866- 283-3MMP (1-866-283-3667), or in Toronto at 416-644-1034.

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