Uncovering the truth about the 1970 Kent State shootings in 2010.

Starting in early May 2010, we invited the entire extended family of the 1970 Kent State Massacre, including:

* All witnesses of the 1970 Kent State Massacre
* Kent State protesters or students
* Ohio National Guardsmen
* Civil/State/federal gov’t witnesses/participants
* Kent State University administrators/educators
* Local residents
* Families damaged by the killings
* Citizens that cares deeply about the truth at Kent State

Thank you for supporting our continuing efforts.

Only with your support, participation and donations will the dream of the revealing the truth this year at Kent State become true!

1. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Kent State shootings at Kent State University in Ohio.

2. This year, the Kent State Truth Tribunal will reveal the truth surrounding the murder of four young American protesters and the wounding of nine.

3. Our goal is to correct history as we record, document, preserve and honor the truth gathered from personal narratives of witnesses and participants.

4. The truth of what happened at Kent State on May 4th 1970 will finally be available for all to hear, read, see and know.