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The Perfect Love!

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior:

I recently I heard someone say what is the perfect love? well the perfect Love is God and he gave us his perfect gift which is Jesus! we are living in such a time that people do not know right from wrong, and they are trying to remove the name of God and Jesus from society. Listen we are in a war for lost souls; and there can be no excuses! So many believers do the religious thing and just go to church, but they refuse to intoduce Christ to others. I hear so much about the end-times but we see very little being done to win-lost-souls for the Kingdom. Wining souls for Jesus is not just a cause; but a way of "life!" True prosperity is to love God with all that you have and love your neighbor! So today my friedns I am asking you to go out there and tell someone about the risen savior, Lord Jesus. Help the widow and offerings get envole in the good fight. Thank you for being apart of this cause, and I pray that the Lord God bless you in a wonderul way!

God Bless

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