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Thank You!

As the founder of this cause I am amazed at the amazing people who are joining and becoming involved in soul winning, and I appreciate your time and your efforts for our Lord. Look we cannot change the world in ourselves but together with thousands of other concern believers we can change the world with and for Jesus. I believe the more we help others and love them and not judge them the more souls will be won. Some of us spend to much time watching TV and talking about all of the negative nonsense that is going. Talk that is unprofiable; but when we try to live our lives in peace and in the light we will draw people out of darkness. Jesus believes in you and he loves you so much and he dose not base his love on"how good you are"but his love is unconditional and everlasting. I believe that you are the most incredible person in the world, because you would take time out of your busy life and love others. You are "Awesome!" And we love you and we appreciate you! So trust in the Lord and do not worry about anything. Be strong and good courage and see the Harvest to your acts of love. Jesus Loves You!

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