The Perfect Love!

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior: I recently I heard someone say what is the perfect love? well the perfect Love is God and he gave us his perfect gift which is Jesus! we are living in such a time that people do not know right from wrong, and…Read More

Pray for Christians in the middle east!

Greetings friends in the name of Jesus! Well things are shaking up in the middle east, and many of these tyrants and dictators are being brought down. I believe God is opening up this part of the world for the Gospel of Jesus to come in. We are living in…Read More

Thank You!

As the founder of this cause I am amazed at the amazing people who are joining and becoming involved in soul winning, and I appreciate your time and your efforts for our Lord. Look we cannot change the world in ourselves but together with thousands of other…Read More

What will you say to him?

Imagine when this life is over and it is your turn to meet Jesus, and when he looks into your eyes and ask, "What did you do for me when you where on the Earth? Well some people will say I was good person, or I went to church, or I paid Tithes and offering to…Read More

Jesus is Hope!

We are living in uncertain times where people are slimply looking for hope! Too many Chritians are judgeing and putting down people instead of sharing Jesus. How can we get so arrogant and think we are above sin? Romans 3:23 says all have sinned and fell…Read More

Dare to Believe in Jesus!

Dare to believe in Jesus! we are living in a society of unbelief and fear, and many preachers on the TV are fanning the flames of fear. Why are so call preachers on the TV and Radio talking so much about the goverment and the leaders of our nation? Why are we…Read More

Let Jesus be Lord in 2011

Happy New Year friends! I pray that all of your needs will be met, and that you will strinve for your dreams and make this the greatest year of your life. when we put God's kingdom first, then he will put our things first. This is the year to press out in the…Read More
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