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Join the global 24 hours of action for Australia's forests!

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There's a big global 24 hours of action for Aussie forests happening on Sat 8 October which everyone should get involved in! See below for details and get in touch with The Last Stand (a new NGO who are organising the action) if you want to be involved and get active for our amazing forests. Please pass along to any friends who may be interested.

For the forests
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On Saturday 8th October in Australia (which might be your 7th or 8th depending on timezone) join us to stand up for our forests at Harvey Norman stores and other locations across Australia and the planet and say:


Australia’s world-class forests are still being ripped apart by industrial logging operations every single day. The destruction of our native forests is placing our threatened species, clean air and water, and climate in serious danger.

Retail giant Harvey Norman is helping to drive this forest destruction by selling furniture and flooring products made from our native forests.

Whilst there are huge problems with pulp and paper products, which account for a lot of forest destruction across Australia, furniture & flooring are a LARGE part of the justification for the continual trashing of our forests. Harvey Norman could show some real environmental leadership, and keep jobs in Australia by moving to plantation and recycled timbers.

This is a growing campaign and actions have happened from coast to coast in Australia. We need your help to send a clear message to Harvey Norman that Australia and the global community want to see an immediate end to native forest destruction!

TAKE A STAND for our spectacular forests and join us right across the planet on 7 & 8 October 2011 (depending on your time zone) to take part in a massive 24 hours of action.

IT'S EASY TO TAKE PART IN THIS GLOBAL 24 HOURS OF ACTION. All you need to do is gather a few friends, paint a banner, visit your local Harvey Norman store (if you live in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Slovenia, Malaysia or Hong Kong) or an iconic local landmark (if you don’t) on 7 or 8 Oct, take a photo, hand out some flyers and email your images to us, so we can broadcast this message right across the planet.

We’re really keen to raise as much awareness as possible about this huge action, so if you could help us with spreading the word, that would be ace!

Please contact us right away on [email protected] if you would like to take part in the action, put posters up in your area, or help us with promotion, and we will send you more action details via our super sonic electro carrier pigeon.

- Visit
- Invite friends to the facebook event
- Check out and share the film:

You can check out your nearest Harvey Norman store in Australia here:

And please share this message and these links with all your mates, family, colleagues and supporters.

NB. Because of differences in time zones, the action will be held over 7 & 8 October. Contact us at [email protected] for more info.

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