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In 2006, a group of grassroots environmental activists representing forests and communities in Southern Tasmania joined together in recognition of the continuing threat to Tasmania’s ancient forests. Since this time the Still Wild Still Threatened (SWST) campaign for Tasmania’s Southern Forests has garnered significant attention and dramatically raised the public profile of forests such as the Styx, Weld, and Upper Florentine.

SWST advocates for the immediate formal protection of Tasmania’s precious Southern Forests using a combination of political and corporate lobbying, community education, research, exploration and frontline direct action. We also promote the creation of a sustainable forest industry based on existing regrowth and plantation resources.

Still Wild Still Threatened is completely volunteer based and relies on community funding to continue the campaign for Tassie's southern forests.

Donations of time, energy and resources are always greatly appreciated. Check out our website www.stillwildstillthreatened.org
or email us stillwildstillthreatened at gmail.com for more information about how you can help save Tasmania's precious southern forests.

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See Still Wild Still Threatened's Autumn Campaign Update for more info on what is happening down south in Tassie.

Also check out Still Wild Still Threatened's Report to the World Heritage Committee

1. Logging and burning of Tasmania's high conservation value and old growth forests must end immediately.

2. Immediate formal protection for Tasmania's precious Southern Forests.

3. Immediate moratorium on logging in the Upper Florentine!!!